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Fra almueskole til Global Citizenship – Hvordan skaber vi en skole, der skaber verdensborgere?


Projekttitel Fra almueskole til Global Citizenship – Hvordan skaber vi en skole, der skaber verdensborgere?
FormålOn the occasion of the 200 anniversary of the Danish School System in 2014 the Danish National Commission of UNESCO and the Danish ASPnet would like to contribute by focusing on the international dimension.
The aim is to invite young people from ASP schools in different countries to research, discuss, formulate and present how to develop a school that develops global citizens.
To contribute to the celebration 200 anniversary of the Danish School System by focusing on the international dimension
To help transform the ASPnet Recommendation from Suwon 2013 for Strategy and Plan of Action to pedagogy in practice and investigate how to facilitate
That students and teachers from different parts of the world become conscious of, debate and formulate concrete examples of what knowledge, skills, and values they need to cooperate in resolving the interconnected challenges of today
That students and teachers reflect on, debate and formulate what concrete changes schools must undertake to be able to teach the necessary knowledge, skills and values to educate global citizens that can build more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies.
At the international Forum in Korea, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of UNESCO’s Associated Schools Project Network ( ASPnet) the participants adopted a recommendation for strategy and plan of Action for ASPnet from 2014-2021.
According to the recommendation, the overall theme of the period will be Global Citizenship.
“As the world is facing global challenges which require global solution, it is not enough for education to produce individuals who can read, write and count.........Therefore Education must fully assume its central role in helping people to build more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies. It must give people the understanding, skills and values they need to cooperate in resolving the interconnected challenges of today.” - Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations
Beskrivelse The project consists of the following elements:
Students from 8 ASP schools in Denmark and 8 partner schools in 8 countries around the world
- present different aspects of their school through texts, pictures, videos,
role plays etc.
- examine, discuss and present what knowledge, skills and values are
necessary to be able to act as world citizens now and in the future
- examine, discuss and present how schools should be to educate for
global citizenship

•Online communication and dialogue based on the presentations
•A Youth conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, for selected delegates from the participating countries
•Follow-up - future cooperation

An online handbook with guidelines for the work will be developed on www.unesco-asp.dk
The schools communicate two and two together – one Danish ASP school and their international partner school.
The schools work with Global Citizenship in the three phases. Each pair of partner schools can decide when within the time frame it will be most convenient for them to do the work. The three phases are:

a.Presentation of school profiles
b.Presentation of knowledge, skills, values and action competencies that are important to a world citizen
c.Presentation of a vision of what changes should be made to the participants own schools so they can teach students the important knowledge, skills, values and competencies
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Se: http://www.unesco-asp.dk/da/associated-school-project/projekter/334-fra-almueskole-til-global-citizenship-hvordan-skaber-vi-en-skole-der-skaber-verdensborgere.html

Start1. januar 2014
Afsluttet (forventet)31. oktober 2014
Sidst opdateret23. februar 2015
Status Afsluttet
Projektansvarlig Ungdomsbyen på Global Platform
Fælledvej 12 C 2200 København N
Kontaktperson Jakob Skov Øllgård mail
Projektnummer 136424
DispensationLink to the blog: http://globalcitizenship.unesco-asp.dk/ Link til movie (from the conference in Copenhagen): https://vimeo.com/112894299